ICO Private Presale Investments Masternode Coin with Buy Back!
Arnesta is an ICO Investment firm that invest in Private Presale through our syndicate network. Limited Supply. Earn rewards by Securing a Masternodes. Coin buy back from the profits.
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Arnesta is not a get rich quick or pump and dump coin with high ROI. We are serious with our project. Get a Masternode.

Arnesta’s ICO Investment

It is no secret that the biggest financial gains in crypto are seen in ICOs. It is not uncommon to see 5–10x investment turnover in the more popular projects. Quarkchain has returned over 10x on a USD basis since its ICO. Even in a sluggish market, these success stories are all too common.

Many crypto investors have chosen to stick with only the best-known names in the industry. In other words, they invest only in the top coins by market cap, and avoid smaller coins and ICOs altogether. However, this also means they will miss out on the huge potential opportunities that do exist in the ICO space.

Arnesta will partner with syndicates that organize deals in private presale right before the crowdsale. Based on the research Arnesta will decide to contribute to ICOs corresponding to projects and invest the amount that are feasible to get higher returns.

The profit generated from the investments will be use to buyback and burn the coins repurchased from exchanges. The Fund will not invest in projects that already have a listed token.

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Coin Burn and Buyback

A Coin burn is a common occurrence, and some crypto companies may decide to burn some of their tokens from the circulating supply for more reasons. This is known as coin burning, and it has been conducted by various token developers as a tool to increase demand.

Coin burns are, to some extent, similar to share buybacks used in the traditional corporate world. Simply put, listed companies buy back their shares from the market, which in most cases results in the shares’ price appreciation as those shares are removed from the circulating supply. The share buyback scheme is a way to reward shareholders.

Arnesta has a limited supply of 21 million, and no more coins will be generated ever again. This structure is designed to make the coin more attractive to investors for its deflationary nature.

  • 40% profit generated from the ICO will be used for Buyback.
  • 4% Maintenance and Management fees.
  • 66% Reinvested into New ICO’s.
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Buy Back Program

Similar to Binance’s widely successful system, we will repurchase tokens with 40% of Arnesta’s Quaterly profits.


Masternode secures blockchain network and make transaction instantly. Node holders will get paid a reward daily and consistently.

Syndicate Network

Arnesta will tie up with syndicate network that only deals in private pre-sale for ICO.


Uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks.


Masternode Specifications






60 seconds






1 – 200




70/30, 80/20, 90/10

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Real project with serious intention to invest in ICO’s and make profits for the buybacks. To deflate the inflation and increase the value of the coin over time. The Early investors will reap the rewards.

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